​Our team is dedicated to installing quality new landscapes as well as adding a simple addition to an existing landscape. Our goal is to create a stunning, low water, low maintenance landscape or an edible garden. This will help you conserve water and money by lowering your maintenance and water needs. ​Our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors will ensure that your irrigation system is functioning correctly and not wasting water. We can help you save water and save money, while postively impacting the landscape and environment.  Whether it is a small repair or a large project, we can suit your needs.​



“I never imagined that we’d get so much out of this little plot. We used to mow it but now, I just have to report that I juiced from it for the first time and it was awesome! We made juice with parsley, chard, basil, stevia leaves, apple carrots-very exciting and delicious! The space uses about 1/3 the water as before to boot!”

–Sherin Kloer

​​Our Vision​




"We wanted a functional and peaceful surrounding where we could entertain our guests. Saving water, maintenance time and cost was a must for us. Jake and Dan came up with an edible wall and ornamental color theme; all of the plant selections have grow to maturity, producing bright, rich color year-round (not commonly found in a low-water landscape). The organic garden feature was very important and the three special garden boxes are irrigated on timer, making gardening with two busy people and a new baby easy and fun.  We spend countless hours relaxing in our backyard with friends and family, and everyone comments on the beauty and function of the design –our yard went from being a rather lifeless plot to a backyard oasis. It is stunning!

– we will enjoy our landscape for years to come!”

–Laura Seefeld

"Dan was very professional and easy to work with.  He listened to my concerns and responded quickly to my emails.  I really wanted a landscape with plants that were easy to maintain and would look beautiful year round.  Dan installed an automated drip system that uses little water, and significantly reduced my outdoor water use.  He gave me lots of great ideas and listened to what I liked and wanted, designing a landscape that I truly love.   Dan was very personable and knowledgeable about plants and irrigation, which was one of the key factors in my decision to work with him.  My next project is putting in gardens; I will definitely be calling Dan."

-Gary Albertini

Servicing San Diego and San Diego North County